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Table of Contents for "Keep the Family Baggage Out of the Family Business:  Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins That Destroy Family Businesses"


What's Causing This Mess?

The Family System, the Business System, and the Accompanying Baggage

Chapter 1: Why You Need to Read This Book

Chapter 2: Systems and Baggage

Chapter 3: When Worlds Collide: The Family System Meets the Business System


We Have Seen the Enemy, and He Is Us:

The Seven Deadly Sins That Destroy Family Businesses

Part II presents a series of seven syndromes – the "Seven Deadly Sins" – that occur when the family's baggage is allowed to run rampant through their business. These syndromes are not presented in any other book – they are the unique contribution that this book makes to the knowledge of family businesses. Each chapter presents a separate syndrome and its variations. A summary table is presented at the end of each chapter as a quick reference tool.

Chapter 4: "It's the Same Old Song"

Chapter 5: "We're One Big, Happy Family"

Chapter 6: "They May Have Become Adults, but They'll Always Be My Children"

This chapter presents a syndrome that occurs when parents are unable to accept their children as grown adults, illustrating the three most common manifestations. The first section presents behavior patterns that are a natural phenomenon of having been a parent – automatically rejecting the children’s ideas and failing to delegate authority to them. The second section examines a situation where the parents deny that their children have become adults in order to avoid having to confront their own mortality. The final section discusses a situation where the parents perceive themselves to be in competition with their children and actively seek to undermine them.

Chapter 7: "You're Not Loyal to This Family If You Insist on Being Selfish"

Chapter 8: Father Knows Best?

Chapter 9: "Maybe It Will Go Away If We Ignore It"

Chapter 10: "Tell Me About Your Childhood"


Succession: A Battleground unto Itself

Chapter 11: Certain Problems Are Inherent to Succession

Chapter 12: The Baggage Returns in Time for Succession

Chapter 13: Evolutionary Versus Revolutionary Succession

Chapter 14: Successful Succession


It Comes with the Territory: Other Problems Inherent in Family Businesses

Chapter 15: They've Stayed Too Long at the Fair: Long-Tenured Managers and Employees

Chapter 16: Interlopers, Consorts, and Other Undesirable Meddlers

Chapter 17: Baggage du Jour

Chapter 18: The American Dream Versus the Family Nightmare


All Is Not Lost: Recommendations and Solutions

Chapter 19: Create a Council of Advisors

Chapter 20: Create a Strong Team to Run the Company

Chapter 21: Develop a Strong Team

Chapter 22: The Right Consultant Is Critical to Your Success

Chapter 23: Additional Sources of Expertise

Chapter 24: Put It in Writing

Chapter 25: Final Thoughts

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