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Keep the Family Baggage Out of the Family Business:

Avoiding the Seven Deadly Sins That Destroy Family Businesses


Family businesses epitomize the best of the American Dream, but all too often the family business becomes the family flop – destroying all finances and relationships in its path. Generational conflicts, torn loyalties, succession quandaries, differing opinions and personal spats prevent the success and happiness that should be achieved.

Family business expert Quentin Fleming breaks new ground by identifying the Seven Deadly Sins that are invariably responsible for a family business’s demise. By offering clear diagnoses and long-term solutions rather than Band-Aid fixes, the book’s strategies for success are practical, accessible and relevant to family enterprises of all shapes and sizes.

No other book on this subject has achieved praise from such prominent experts.

"Speaking from personal experience, such practical, humorous and insightful wisdom should be required reading for ambitious family businesses."
         Dr. Stephen R. Covey
Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

"Will soon become the Bible of family businesses."
         Warren Bennis, Ph.D.
Distinguished Professor, Marshall School of Business at USC
        Author of Organizing Genius

"As a family patriarch with 60 years of experience running a family business, my reaction to Quentin Fleming’s wisdom herein is a hearty ‘amen’! Most of that wisdom I have slowly and often painfully acquired via the school of experience. If only I could have had it all when I started!"
        William K. Coors
Chairman & President, Adolph Coors Company

"This is a valuable book for anyone engaged in any aspect of a family firm. Both for the book’s insights and the thoughts inspired by the many valuable observations, this book will help all generations deal with the joys and sorrows of the family business."
        Brooks Firestone
Firestone Tire & Rubber Company / The Firestone Vineyard

"As someone who has worked with many family members over the years, this book offers practical and valuable advice."
        Paul Orfalea
Founder and Chairperson, Kinko’s

"Quentin hit the nail on the head – a family business is a ‘business’ first. Apply good business principles first; if the family part works out, that’s a bonus."
         David M. Ritz
President and CEO, Ritz Camera Centers, Inc.

"Having a family-owned business can be more challenging than driving at 200 mph. This book is a roadmap that helps businesses win the race."
        Parnelli Jones
Winner, Indy 500
        President and CEO, Sports VIP’s Inc.

"What do you do when the ‘problem person’ at work is also your family member? This book provides the answers to that and many other questions, and should be required reading for anyone involved in a family business."
        Ken Lloyd, Ph.D.
Nationally syndicated workplace advice columnist.
        Author of Jerks At Work: How to Deal With People Problems and Problem People

"Insightful, must reading for anyone actively involved in a family business."
        Curt W. Coffman
Co-author of First, Break All The Rules

"Keep the Family Baggage Out of the Family Business must be read by every parent and every sibling in every family business."
        Jeffrey Fox
Author of How to Become CEO

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